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Sarah Beck, L.M.H.C

Sarah Beck, L.M.H.C.

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Sarah received her Bachelors in Nursing from Illinois Wesleyan University and her Masters in Counseling from Western Illinois University. She has been in private practice since 1991 and with Family Counseling and Psychology since 2000. Sarah practices from a Christian biblical perspective, but works, honors, and respects persons of all faiths or no particular spirituality.

Sarah is licensed in the state of Iowa as a Mental Health Counselor and certified as an Imago Relationship Therapist and Workshop Presenter.

Types of Services Offered

  • Individual, Couple, and Family Counseling and Workshops.
  • Individuals may experience a need for some assistance in exploring some specific area of their life that is emotionally painful or frustrating. Other individuals may want to explore in-depth areas of their life in order to identify and recover parts of themselves that were lost in childhood for one reason or another.

Some Areas of Concern for Individuals Might Be

  • Anxiety or stress related issues
  • Depression or mood discomforts/changes
  • Confidence and self esteem concerns
  • Exploration of trauma or abuse and their impact
  • Clarifying values, goals, career and life vision
  • Assistance for life transitions
  • Identifying and exploring the spirituals dimensions of one's life
  • Concern about relationship difficulties in general and/or with one's partner

Couples may experience a need for some assistance in helping them understand why areas of their relationship are so painful or frustrating. Other couples may want to take a longer time to explore specific emotional areas of their relationship that have been unfulfilling and hurtful. And other couples may want to improve their relationship in order to feel more connected and fulfilled.

Concerns Couples Frequently Express

  • Mutual distrust
  • Partner is overly critical
  • Feeling misunderstood by partner
  • Disappointed with their partner
  • Partner's can't connect, feels like there is a wall between them
  • Too close or demanding - one or both need some space
  • Relationship lacks safety

The Aim for Couples

  • To create a safe space in which couples can connect to each other safely,
  • To free couples from their power struggles.
  • To teach communication skills (we call this "the couples dialogue"), which will assist each partner to better understand each other.
  • To coach each partner in the "art of containment and listening" in order to create a safe context for connection.
  • To teach and put into practice the skill of converting frustrations that have led to power struggles, into mutual understanding of partner's needs and to learn how to respond with appropriate healing behaviors in order to meet those needs.
  • To explore the origins of frustrations and to understand how these patterns are producing similar frustrations within my/our current relationship.
  • To look inward and discover the qualities in ourselves that we intensely dislike and then project onto our partner, which have contributed to the frustrations within our relationship, and to learn to recognize and acknowledge them as parts of ourselves.


  • "Getting the Love You Want" Couples Workshop
  • "Keeping the Love You Find" Workshop for Individuals
  • Premarital Workshop