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Family Counseling & Psychology Center's Rock Island Office offers individual and family counseling services. Along with these standard services, the Rock Island Office provides many court related counseling services.

  • DUI Evaluations—Our evaluations satisfy court expectations for the State of Illinois. In order to complete an evaluation; you will need to bring your Officer's Sworn Report or your Notice of Summary Suspension, a court purpose copy of your Illinois driving record, and a court purpose copy of your driving record from any other state where you have held a driver's license or received a DUI/OWI. If you have questions about obtaining this information, please contact our office.
  • Drug and Alcohol Evaluations—We provide drug and alcohol evaluations for your personal or employment needs.
  • Risk Education Groups—These educational groups are for Illinois affiliated DUI/OWI offenders and will help you explore the nature and consequences of alcohol and other abused substances.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Groups—Our treatment groups will help you explore belief systems and lifestyle choices that underlie the choice to use drugs, abuse alcohol, and/or drive under the influence. Our treatment program will help you develop healthier beliefs, live a healthier lifestyle, and make healthier choices. Our counselors will treat you with care and respect and try to instill a sense of well-being.
  • Anger Management Counseling—Our six week program teaches the individual all about anger and how to experience anger without becoming disrespectful, abusive or violent. At the completion of the group, each individual will receive a certificate. If you would rather not participate in a group, individual anger management counseling is also available.

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